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Cheats and Tips

How to get free clothes?
1. go in clubs
2. serch the monthley gift club
3. join in

Superstar free clothes and acsesories
1. go to voilte man and woman
2. get free dress and suite
3.go to splendid
4. press hair acsesories
5. find the free superstar head band
6. find the free superstar star in hair acsesories

head rose
1. go to splendid
2. find the red rose (and it should say 1 (stardollar)
3. then place as many as you want on your medoll
4. then click buy

When ever the next line of DKNY comes out, its free!
But only for the fist hour.

Free True Jackson VP dress!
1. Go to magazine then click stardoll cinema
2. Watch the WHOLE thing
3. Then go to your suite
4. Scroll to the right in your suite
5. And you will find a True Jackson VP FREE DRESS!


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